Ukulele / Bass Chord Diagram Font

Ukulele / Bass Chord Diagram Font

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Notate any possible Ukulele fingering with this intuitive and easy to use font. The font's keyboard layout mimics the layout of the Ukulele for intuitive entry of any possible fingering. Perfect for:

  • Beginner fingering charts and exercises and handouts.
  • Notating alternate fingerings and extended techniques like multiphonics and quarter tones.
  • Notating fingering in scores above music for easy reference. 

Compatible with Mac and Windows and works in Finale, Sibelius and any other program which utilises fonts (Examples: Microsoft Word, Excel, Photoshop).

Easy to use:

  • Select "Bass & Uke Font"
  • Change the size to 80 or more.
  • Type "?" to display the keyboard layout of the font for easy reference: